Why us

Tailored to you - largeBecause no two assignees are alike, what we do is 100% tailored to each relocation

There is nothing fluffy or fuzzy about what we do. We offer a practical pair of white-gloved helping hands - with a knowledgeable and experienced Service Manager attached.

As soon as we are instructed, the Service Manager, who will be the assignee's point of contact, arranges a one-to-one phone consultation, patching in their partner or spouse.

From here we have a clear understanding of the family's needs: perhaps seamless home to office working; perhaps a complete suite of rental furniture at the new property; or a TV ready to go with the kids' favourite channels when they run into the new house for the first time.

A tailored action list is agreed, and we set to work, fulfilling the complex and detailed requirements up to the point of arrival.

Our currency is time – and that means blocks of our service time can be awarded to the assignee according to seniority, budget, benefits package or scenario. The assignee is afforded the freedom to spend the service time on the support activities that would benefit them the most. The company controls the costs upfront.

The net result is total service flexibility, with costs and expectations managed.

"We believe there is no other UK relocation provider offering the same level of comprehensive service delivery."

Sounding good?


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