Intelligent Service Technology

Making things smarter and easier

Consider it Done has developed a suite of super-smart technologies to enhance its service offering which it is proud to offer your organisation, for use by assignees and mobility management teams.

is the name we have given to a live online HD video chat facility. Assignees or Mobility Managers can pre-book an i-Contact call with their point of contact at CiD for live consultation and update sessions. An online link is all that is required.

This means that decisions can be made quickly and easily about the set up at the assignee's home, and a deeper level of trust and confidence is built, which is key to the success of the relocation.


clientdashboardscreenshotOwn Zone is the name of our secure online portal where assignees can login for completely private access to their own Consider it Done progress updates 24/7.

Assignees can delegate new tasks and give approvals on the work in progress from any time zone, giving them control and allowing the relocation process to proceed in the most time efficient way.

Corporate clients can re-skin the Own Zone portal in company colours, so that assignees feel as though they are in familiar and trusted territory. There is also the opportunity to offer management level access, giving headline oversight of CiD's deliverables and access to bespoke reporting.

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