Home-from-Home Solution

Walk in and begin a London life

London can be a bewildering place for newly arrived assignees. If you had just arrived, how would you even start to piece things together?

With Consider it Done on their side, assignees and their families can hit the ground running.

Before they arrive Consider it Done can;

  • advise on which home electrical and electronic equipment to bring (or not) from the US - often saving transport costs and storage space
  • set up phone, broadband and TV, plus utilities, Council Tax, TV licence and parking permits, so they are ready to go on the assignee's arrival
  • be there to receive the shipment from home, and unpack down to the last cup and saucer (taking it further than the removals firms who 'unpack to surface')
  • purchase or rent extra furniture and oversee assembly
  • purchase other essentials – from a baby monitor or hairdryer, to a kitchen bin
  • order, receive and unpack a grocery delivery for the day of arrival
  • meet and greet the family at the property on the day of arrival, handover keys and give a familiarisation walk through covering heating, alarm system, and home technology

These are some common requests, though each individual scenario brings a variety of extra needs, which we are ready to cater for, such as;

  • mobile phone contracts where they aren't normally available to new arrivals (a first in our sector)
  • pet importing or airport pick up
  • short-term car rental or car purchase (with buy back guarantee)
  • interior design for the new property
  • set up of security alarm system and keyholding
  • lock changes, additional keys
  • tenants' insurance
  • Oyster travel cards for the London Underground

Explore the possibilities for your assignees.


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